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  • she looks like a f*ckin stick i eat more and im a vegetarian
  • [quote=blah blah blah]get a life!!! he's got better things to do than worry about that loser. what he did raised her wack profile.[/quote] dont nobody slam on taylor are you mad that you dont have a life! WELL GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=Joshley]I really love this new couple and i totally think it's not Ashley's fault if Demi's relationship with joe didn't work out !They just weren't meant to be together she need to face it right now otherwise the consequence will be so bad ! I'm a fan of Demi's but I really think she's becomming a psycho ! First her fight with the dancer .Second her going to the hospital .third those sexy half-nacked pics .And now this ... I'm sorry Demi but if you continu this way i guess you'll have to delete me from "your huge fan list "[/quote] he used her so....
  • [quote=larajill]Like they said here: Demi broke it off with Joe. Even though it's hard, she broke it off. So it's not like he broke her heart. She broke his. And if he's happy with a new girl, can't he invite her to things? i mean it's life. I don't like seeing my ex with a new woman, but it happens. And i see them around a lot.[/quote] demi didnt break it off joe did. thats why it was hard for her to get over him duhh
  • this is about to be a really long comment but this is my opinion i personally think that she doesnt have a drug problem or a sex tape nor will i believe till they show evidence. the whole alex welch thing is stupid too because she didnt intentially hurt her. i am not saying she was right to punch her but alex had to provoke her. demi seems like a sweet gurl and i dont think she is just going to punch somebody for snitchin. alex had to either do it or she had to have gotten an attitude im a leo just like demi and we are cranky and mean when were mad. so she had to have said something to make demi punch her. as for the checking into rehab thing i think that alex had told people a different story because there are always 2 sides of the story and they only heard alexs side which made them force demi into checking herself into rehab they need a excuse so they used the cutting and eating disorders as there excuse.
  • [quote=Childie]what r u on about she looks werid the werid thing about it is tht the dirctor is rite behind her n god so wat if she has small boobs grow up n c the more important thing size isnt tht important[/quote] you must have small boobs defensive much
  • i say she hates everything too but she cant judge any body because she did some stuff on her own she supposed to be a disney role model but she acting like she a disney slut we dont hate her after all shes done the girl been in more scandels than her 17 years of life i like twilight but you should never say you hate any thing because thats not a word that you could just throw around. she shouldnt be acting like this because even if shes grown or growing up shes still on disney shes always gone be a disney star but she has to realize the things that shes doing she need to think before she does
  • my comment is that they are going and just saying that they dont like each other cuz they dont want paparazzi to follow them around