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  • it would be so funny if he poped fangs i would lovee to be a vampire of his kind !!!!
  • Am I the only one that relized that Kim looks just like Kris
  • [/qoute=nia] Never !!!!!!!!! [/qoute=nia]
  • well at lest she found her first celeb love and if its fake well damn
  • [quote=naj]she is beuty[/quote]
  • [/qoute] Why are you guys hatitng on Selena.She takingher maturity step by step which is the oppositeof Miley [/qoute]
  • [/qoute]This girl is a freak she just wants to go to jail like Linsey and think its a good plublicity raise but it isnt disney needs to throw away this trash bag because she useless i know there is a teenager out there thats really good at acting so disney might need to order a dirty airplane for this dirty trash bag and send her to madagascsar
  • (Qoute)this photo is definetly a Yayphoto come on people she not incourging are fans to act like sluts and give older people than them lap dances whatSelena is doing is aslo sending a message to her fans that are you ready become more mature than you are like act your age cause im already doing see and thats in selena words(qoute)
  • [quote=Inna]I think she looks nice. Atleast she's not pulling a freakin Miley, and dressing like a freakin street-walker. But I think Selena could dress a little more her age w/ young colors & styles, but she doesn't look bad. Although, I'm not really liking the bright red lipstick, her complexion is a little too fair to pull it off.I'm glad Selena's maturing the RIGHT way, *cough*miley*cough*.[/quote] I like that coment and yes she is maturing beter than miley i think in this photo Selena just trying to look professionel and show ever body she better than miley and she will get down to buisness .Good thing is she not acting like a slut and a hore combined
  • She needs to acts her age and stop being a un-mature ediot and be the girl that she used to be!!!!!!!