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  • [quote=noah]Tiger looks like he's got some sexually deviant thoughts brewing in that mind of his.[/quote] What mind?! You have to be pretty 'effin stupid to destroy your career and family life to screw around with those 12? 14? skanks...And now he'll lose half of all his billions in a divorce settlement...Boo Hoo...You go Elin! You're too hot for him anyway!
  • [quote=K.Rose]leave tiger alone. i bet you if he never would of started messing with white girls in the first place none of this bull would of happened. i hope tiger has learned once you go white, that sh*t aint right, lol next time tiger if you want to cheat on your wife, go to a black or latina woman, we will do you good. and you wont get caught up. you cant trust white girls![/quote] I guess he couldn't find a black or latina woman hot enough....
  • Half of Hollywood is addicted to pain meds...legally prescribed or not, when is LALA Land going to wake up and address a problem that clearly exists?!
  • [quote=norml90210]I've known Brittany Murphy since I worked with her on Clueless and continued to be acquainted with her over the past several years. She is a lovely young woman, full of grace, kindness and was a ray of sunshine on every movie set or charity event that I've ever encountered with her. I'm deeply saddened and shocked by her death. I'm also angry at the insensitive comments left by some anonymous people accusing her of drug use. Brittany had health issues in the past with diabetes from my understanding, so I would please ask restraint before accusations. I would ask that people be respectful of the family, especially her fantastic mother, Sharon. My prayers go out to Brittany and her loved ones during this horrible tragedy. God bless you Brittany, you are already tremendously loved and missed. Respectfully, Cheryl Shuman Executive Director Beverly Hills NORML90210[/quote] With all due respect Cheryl,while I don't advocate the insensitive comments,half of Hollywood is addicted to pain meds. In fact, according to reports from the EMS workers that were on the scene,there were many presciption bottles found all over the home. Legally prescibed or not, how many young celebrities have to die tragically before Hollywood recognizes that a problem DOES exist?!
  • [quote=The Grammar Police]You aren't remembered "from" something. You're remembered "for" something.[/quote] A young,vibrant young woman has just died tragically and way before her time...but we're focusing on GRAMMAR??!!