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  • Isn't he just adorable!!! He is going to get so many young women when he gets older... He looks just like Hilary! Hilary is so beautiful and always will be:) Love you Hilary! xoxo
  • I love it!! She looks beautiful and scary at the same time:) It's good for her to get a break from Luca once in a while because you would go crazy if you didn't! I know I would if I never got a break from my daughter... And anyone who says she's a bad mother and fat, don't even bother... She is a GREAT mother and is NOT fat! I have been one of her biggest fans for 11 years and still going strong! Love you Hilary!!!
  • Hilary is the best role model possible!! She doesn't let the haters bring her down because she still has some baby weight to lose.. not much, but of course Hollywood is going to make it a big deal...but people don't see all the positive things..she got married before getting pregnant, she is the best mother, she rarely is out without her son Luca, she doesn't stumble out of a club at 3am, she doesn't smoke, she doesn't do drugs, she doesn't flash her genitals, and she has the most amazing personality..
  • Hilary looks beautiful as always! Luca is adorable too. I love Hilary for sharing Luca's pictures with us fans through twitter and instagram:) I can't believe he's 5 months!! Where does the time go!? I myself have a 13 month old and it seems like I just had her a few months ago... Can't wait for Hilary's new album/t.v. show/ and book! I already pre-ordered her last book, "True" :)
  • Oh yay! Can't wait:) I became a fan of Selena's when I first heard her song 'Who Says' I'm not a huge fan, but I do like her. I am more of a HUGE fan of Hilary Duff since 'Lizzie McGuire' :) So that it makes this year 11 years, and still going strong!
  • Wow! So is beaver trying to say he's better than Selena?? Dear God I hope not! He's way over conceited if he thinks that.. he's annoying and needs to go back to Canada cause California or the US wants him. Selena is too good for Justin, definitely not the other way around.. Selena does need to dump his ass, and stop going back to him because of all his pity 'romantic' stunts he keeps pulling to win her back..
  • Hell no! I can't stand him! Ever since he turned 18, he thinks he's the most amazing person ever and he's not.. he's immature and annoying! I can't stand him and his girly voice! He needs to move across the ocean somewhere so none of us have to deal with him.
  • Love love love love love her!!! She has talent in writing books as well:) I can't wait for 'True' to come out!:) Sad to hear that it's the last book in the series though.. hopefully she has a album in mind before 'True' is released.
  • People are f***ed up now-a-days.. Why can't it be back when Clinton was president? The economy was good, and you didn't hear sh*t like this on the news.. I watched more videos from Good Morning America earlier, and one of the eye witnesses told them that they saw a 14 year old girl just laying there on the stairs dead.. how sad! There was also a 3 and 6 year old.. Oh, and a 3 MONTH old! I don't know why in the h**l you would bring a freaking 3 MONTH OLD to a midnight movie! The parents were obviously thinking of themselves... What a shame! My heart and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones..
  • Aw, so glad to hear it:) I was more of a Backstreet Boys fan than 'NSync' they still sound the same from two years ago:)