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  • I'm sorry. Is he not allowed to swear. Celebuzz,you're really becoming quite lame recently.
  • LOL celebuzz. Get some better stories. Is this the best you can come up with.
  • OMG get the f**k over it, Celebuzz are trying to make something out of nothing and half of you are falling for it. IS IT A CRIME TO HUG A FRIEND. I THINK NOT. So stop with the petty freaking comments.
  • [quote=Trey] IT DOSNT MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE!!! THE THING IS THAT THE ONLY REASON SHE IS WHAT SHE IS NOW IS BECAUSE OF THE LITTLE GIRLS THAT LOOK UP TO HER DUMBASS!!! AND YES SHE SHOULD GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE A FREAKING WHORE!!! AND NO, I'M NOT A FAN, BUT SHE NEEDS TO SLAP A COUPLE OF TIMES AND SEE WHO SHE IS MISLEADING!!! (I MEAN LITTLE GIRLS !!!)[/quote] Okay so i get it what your saying about all her young fans, and i get where your saying she should be a role model, but to some people you are basically saying she cannot have live her life. Is it really a crime to have a boyfriend at SEVENTEEN and make out with him? Seriously O.o She is just living like any other 17 girl. Just because Hannah Montanna started her career does not mean she has to stick by it all her life. She is growing up and doing all the things people do when they grow up. She does not have to live like a nun in her life, and she does not have to live how ''little girls'' live ... as once again ... she is seventeen! Gheeze! Give her a break! I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus but i think it's unfair that she is being Prejudiced upon just because she is growing up! *Exhale*
  • Now HE Is A Douche!
  • [quote=Reginah Anne A. Ambion] yeah she did,,and we will do the rest for her,you'll be next!!lol:DD[/quote] Lmfaoooo!
  • [quote=kr1sty]I think gwyneth and chris have VERY high expectations....[/quote] Lmfaoooo! Thats Funny :D
  • [quote=me]i think her account needs to be deleted, i can imagine her sitting at the desk going "WEEOOOOOHHHHAALOLOLOLOL!!!""*eye twitches*[/quote] Lmfaooo! I totally agree with you there!
  • I just spat Cream Soda everywhere once i saw this :D I am Bloody Speechless! He is the Finest English Specimen England has produced and for that i am proud to be SO BLOODY BRITISH :)