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  • I respect everybody's opinions and all, but this is old news now. So she likes to show a little - okay ALOT of skin but honestly, people need to find something else to pawn over!!!
  • Not possible!!! :)
  • Doubt it...
  • The whole thing is just ridiculous. Alex could of saved everybody alot of promblems if she hadn't been making such a big deal about it. Even if Demi did punch her - not saying she did because I don't think she did - you wouldn't file a law - suit, you would get over it like a normal person.
  • Wow, they couldn't of come up with something better or something more believable?
  • Wow, another tattoo, and suddenly that blows the term "Growing Up", and "Adulthood out of proportion. It's a tattoo. Just because she's a celebrity she can't do these things?
  • He is calling Miley pathetic??? What is pathetic is how people like him actually have the nerve to say something like that, I mean if your famous and young, that obviously means you can't experement like a normal teenager? It's also pathetic that people like him make a living out of critisizing other people, and spend most of their lives waiting to pick on the littleist things about somebody who they don't even know personally! He's never met her, doesn't know what she's like! I mean obviously smoking Salvia isn't a small thing but it's not as if it's an illegal drug and she's 18.
  • [quote=anonymous]what does she mean with " paying her for medical costs covered" ?! she got a black eye come on. it's not like she shot her or something. i've gotten a black eye before and well you don't really need medical care for ti :sand btw i think i would've punched her too! i mean that alex girl had done things against Demi all summer, and now as everyone know Demi didn't feel good this summer at all, and when you feel down like that the last thing you need is for someone to go around and call you DramaDemi all summer!! She did the right thing punching her and she did the right think to check her self into rehab so that she can get better and get control over her life again!![/quote] I couldn't agree more, Alex has had it coming, provoking Demi all Summer, I didn't know that Alex had been calling her stuff like that, but obviously from what some ppl have said, it's what she deserves. Demi's in a rehab centre and Alex is just making it harder for Demi to get the treatment she needs!
  • Oh my god, laughing so hard here, COSMETIC SURGEON for a bruise???? Attention seeking little brat!
  • Basically, as some people have already said Alex is just looking for fame and wasting her time if she thinks by suing Demi is going to get her anywhere. She hasn't got evidence, for all the court knows, she could of done it to herself. And nobody has said anything about witnesses have they??? So there's another thing she doesn't have. And anyway if Demi did hit her, she would of had to do something to provoke her, so it's her work against Demi's.