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  • I am very disapponted she is not nominated. She was totaly awesome and she had to go through such a hard training and everything... She deserved at least nomination. Does anyone think the same? :)
  • YAY YAY YAY! Totally in love with this outfit! Even there's nude skin, it's still has classy add. Wanna see that movie!
  • Why both ofthem are looking so fake? Not just because of that cliché dresses, but even faces and poses...
  • She looks gorgeous, wish I have her body! :)
  • Ok you 'FASHION EXPERT' I am sure there were way worse dresses, I don't see anything that bad about them...
  • These are just PERFECT, I am stunned... She was definitely the best dressed at this event for sure... Just GLAMOROUS!
  • OMG, Mason is the cutes baby EVER... He makes me to want baby too at my age sixteen. Haha, I love him.
  • It's part of Gaga's personality. Here you can see she is the REAL artist, just singer, songwriter - not some multi star, which can half sing, half act, half speak and whatsoever. Real artists are in some way different and she has awesome talent. She can sing and she can use her succes for good things. I admire her. And are you serious comparing LADY GAGA to MILEY CYRUS?! Ew, stop kidding. Brian, I can't wait too! :)
  • What. The. Hell.
  • Oh God... It's her life! And to be honest - almost every socially based teenager in her age has experienced this stuff. That she had tasted bong doesn't mean that she has to be some drug addict. I'm less excited about her shameless clothes and person who used her in this situation, recorded and published it. What kind of friend would do this? And plus the girls voice (totally sober) squeezing Miley to tell more, while she was not in control. Shame on such 'friends'. AND I REALLY AM NOT HER FAN, JUST AN OPINION OF SOMEONE IN HER AGE.