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  • Voting for the classic Backstreet video all the way!
  • One standout member does not a better boy band make. The Commodores were not better than the Temptations because Lionel Ritchie was in their group. mTV/RollingStone Mag had it right. In their top 100 pop songs since 1950, Backstreet's I Want It That Way was #10-right up there with the Beatles, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Nirvana, Eagles...where was Bye,Bye,Bye, unarguably nsync's Top hit? #54. I'm sorry but Backstreet's song catalog is huge, and full og far more classics of their era than nsync's.
  • I suspect he has been in shock the first couple of days and it may just be really hitting him. Audience members said he fell down sobbing offstage right after the above performance. It's no wonder he didn't make the GMA interview this morning. He's a real trooper trying to honor his performance obligations, but true fans will understand if he needs to take some time. If not---there'll more hearts in more audiences.......