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  • My favorite type of dancing is Hindi (Bollywood dancing). I think that it is so creative how they use their hands to express a lot of the moves. I have been a fan of Bollywood for years and even had the privilege to perform it at a talent show. The costumes they wear are colorful and appropriate to wear for any age group. The dancing is very family oriented and even males can participate in the moves. *Hope I win*
  • I don't know why, but this just looks so nasty to me..I mean seriously, if you got a body that's ok. But don't be exposing yourself like that. Like where is your self respect as a female. Females like her that give WOMEN like me a bad name.
  • I'm sorry but they did not make a cute couple. He looked better with Lauren. He just needs to give it up and marry me :-)
  • My Favorite Nominee is Ryan Gosling. I first fell in love with that man back on Remember the Titans. Even though he had a small roll, every time they showed him I got butterflies in my stomach. From then until now, he has really made a name for himself. He was even on the Mickey Mouse club during the time with Britney Spears and Justin Timerberlake. Ryan Gosling had an epic roll in Notebook, as well as Drive. His acting is amazing. Crazy, Stupid, Love is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. The way he looked in that movie made my heart melt. I really hope he wins because he truly deserves it. <3 Ryan Gosling!!!!
  • she looks hott in this pic..
  • Why do I feel I need a makeover?: I am a single mom of 3 lil' ones. I am on welfare but am looking for a job to support my kids. I feel like my closet is outdated with clothes. I mainly want to win so that I can use the outfits to go on interviews and get a job. I have outfits that I have had before I had children and today styles change like the weather. I want to buy myself nice outfits to go on interviews with but when your a mother, your kids needs come first, so I tend to always spend the little money I have on clothes for my children. I have also donated so many of my clothes to goodwill because I have lost so much weight recently and decided to give it to people in need like me. I would love to win this package and would be very appreciate for helping me get "my groove back". Please consider me. Thank you.
  • I was staring at both their looks for the longest time and could not decide. I think both women showed off that shirt in its own unique way. Giuliana's way of wearing the blouse is sexy and sophisticated. Something that can be worn at the workplace or a night out with the girls. Sofias look is trendy yet cute. The yellow-mustard color blouse with the jeans is something that you would see anywhere in hollywood. I live in Los Angeles area and this is something that is the Style. This shirt is awesome and would love to win one. Hope you guys pick me! <3
  • No..she has very muscular features and i think the blonde hair tones down the bone structure of her face.
  • I don't know I know a few guys who are not gay but sure as hell act like it...I think he is a flamboyant guy that's...not everyone who laughs alot and talk fast is gay. lol