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  • Jane et al it bothers me that people who have no inkling about what is really going on in the private lives of others should make such strong allegations or even feel so attached to another peson's life or lives. Yes, they are celebrities and this opens them up for media scrutiny but we must know when enough is enough. You have no right to keep beating Chris Brown or Rihanna up for this for the rest of their lives and you also have no idea of what steps they have taken to get help for that dreaded incident so stop constantly berating and condemning them. Would you rather see Rihanna a bitter woman who uses this incident to determine her future? She has forgiven him and clearly moved on and Chris Brown appears to be taking the steps in the right direction but people like you just will not allow them to move away from that terrible day and that is gravely unfair. Chris Brown is involved with charities that give back to domestic violence victims, taken anger management classes, continues to be on probation, etc etc. gosh! What do you folks want??? Blood? I do not think either of their parents are taking this lightly but it way past time you all move on from this because this is now an obsession! Leave them alone for God's sakes!