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  • Hey there guys(: My names Nicole and my moms name is Ida, I cant even begin to explain how amazing this woman is, she works part time and her husband is currently unemployed which has been really tough on all of us, so unfortunately she never gets to treat herself to anything and spends all her money on bills and gas and providing for us. Without her I wouldnt be able to have accomplished what I have, I myself am a mother of a 16 month old son whom I had at 16 years old and she has been so unbeleivably understanding and I just wouldnt be able to do this without her, she supports both of us so i can go to school and create a better life for him, because of her pushing and pushing me to do better, I've graduated highschool at 17 and am now in the process of getting my degree in respiratory therapy. She is always thinking of others and never about herself, for once I want her to have something and for her to feel comfortable in her own room. The furniture, mattress and praticly everything in the room shes had since i was five years old, im now almost 18!haha Thats thirteen years! Eeeek! Everything is old and outdated and she is in desperate need of a makeover! Also her room is split into two rooms and one has become praticly a storage room and its just one big mess! unfortunately i couldnt get a picture of it but its pretty bad. She has never had alot but has always tried to give us the world, she is such a loving woman that deserves so much better . Shes always stressing out and struggling to just cover us for the month, i see how hard it is for her and I just think this would give her something to smile about and it would be a HUGE help to her, you have no idea how much she would appreciate this. I hope that you pick my mother for this great prize, this would be such a great gift for her and If you knew her like me , you would know how amazing she is and what a great mother she is, without her i wouldnt be the mother I am. Thankyou for your time and whether or not you guys decide to pick my mom ,we appreciate you considering us and Im sure theres so many other great mothers out there whom deserve this as well, and its a far chance that we'll get this but i appreciate you guys taking the time to read this! once again thanks, and cant wait to watch this sunday!(: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]