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  • ya'll are really stupid!! 2 even suggest that she's preg again, and on top of that pregnant enough to be showing which takes usually 4 month b4 you start to show. but wait she just gave birth 1 week ago. how would that even be scientifically possible!!! jackass!!! i get that ya'll have nothing better to do but this ridiculous story just makes ya'll look reall dumb!!! Morons!!!
  • as a mother of two i can say chasing someone else kids around is no way the same as having your own. i'm not saying she's not going to be a good mom, i just hope she has had that moment that women should have before they have their baby were they just sit and realize that just because their life is forever changed as they once knew it, it doesnt mean the end of the world. especially for a 17 year old. Hope is a good thing to have for her and her family.
  • i have come to the realization that amy's purpose in life is to die as a young woman. just like many before her who were very talented but gave it away for drugs. sure we'll pray for her to get better but i think we all know that death is in her imminent future and because of her talent she will be considered an icon just like janis joplin, billie holliday, kurt cobain, ect. i do pray that her suffering will come to an end soon for her and her family.
  • this bi**h!!! i hate her for the simple fact that she claims she is protecting her children from all the bull***t. but she knows damn well she is dragging them right through the dirt with her. i dont even care about all the he said she said between her and charlie. i'm sure neither of them are angels, but for the love of god... to do a tv show in the middle of all this and to have you children in the show thats suppose to be just about her. no matter how little they are supposedly in the show ( so she says) and then to use this very personal situation to promote her self and her show and conviently have the kids in tow!!!! ughhhhhh!!! i hate her!!!!
  • why is it safe to assume their conversation is about marriage? maybe they were going over their shopping list, or t.r. was telling the boyfriend he needs to help out more around the house instead of looking at himself in the mirror all day long? geez, as soon as someone starts dating the press puts all this pressure on them. no wonder nobody last in hollywood.
  • i freakin love RiRi!!! She's hot! i think no matter what she wears her personality, talent and personal style shine through. Do your thang girl!
  • how do you expect someone to be acting after being dumped by his love? why do the papz feel the need to feed of someone elses pain. i'd throw a bottle at them too. his bitch of an ex just keeps digging the knife in deeper by quickly jumping onto her next mans lap and then telling some interviewer that " they were never that serious" what a bitch!!!! did he do something to her that would warrant that kind of lashing out? did he cheat? wasnt she going around with an engagement ring and telling everyone how wonderful he was? what a hooch!!
  • has anyone noticed how quiet it has gotten in paris land recently? she may actually be happy and that makes me happy. she was really gettin on my nerves. now about that wreath....
  • i love the line she's "caught" eating. like its a sin to eat....hahaha
  • i hope she not in any pain anymore. a burst ulcer sounds painful. i bet she's AFRAID to eat. i think i would be too.