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  • Surprised you thought "Somebody That I Used To Know" was more annoying than this song lol
  • My favorite One Direction song is Little Things and here is why: 'I Want' to be honest and say that the song has me 'Up All Night' listening to it 'Over Again' and over again. The lyrics totally 'Rock Me' by embodying the epitome of what so many girls feel. Sometimes at different 'Moments' in my life, 'I Would' feel the same exact way as what the lyrics describe. Like many others, 'I Wish' I could have a guy sing this to me. Or even just speak the words. Say, “I love these 'Little Things' about you and they are 'What Makes You Beautiful.'” The 'One Thing' the lyrics really highlight is the insecurities that so many girls and women have, like myself, which is exactly what makes the song so relatable. What I love is that it’s 'More Than This' idea of having insecurities and having a guy look passed them. The lyrics bring about the idea that I will find this real, true love with someone. That my hands will fit perfectly into someone else’s. That there is someone out there that will be more than just my 'Summer Love', will give me my 'Last First Kiss' and will love that 'Nobody Compares' to me and my Little Things. Honestly, it’s a song that has 'Taken' me to new levels with my confidence and in embracing my flaws because they will be exactly why someone falls in love with me someday. Not only are the words beautiful, but the boys 'Stole My Heart' with the tune and melody as well. It may not be a song that makes me want to 'Stand Up' and dance around until I have a 'Heart Attack,' but it’s one that I can just sit down, listen to and fall 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' in love with. Of course the boys are absolutely charming, but when they sing this particular song, they are purely 'Irresistible.' No one will make me 'Change My Mind' about loving this song. It takes me to 'Another World.' It’s perfect. No matter how old I may get, Little Things is 'Still The One' song that will always tug at my heart strings on a deeper level. 'Na Na Na,' I know it may seem like I’m jumbling words together, but 'C’mon C’mon!' I’m being honest and I hope you’re thinking, “Wow, 'She’s Not Afraid' to show her Directioner pride.” I know you’ll be 'Torn' by choosing the winner, but I hope you at least enjoyed what I did here with my answer :) I meant every word! I truly love music. I truly love Little Things. I truly love One Direction.