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  • yeah by the way,,you ppl are over exadurating!!! she looks just fine..yes she gained more weight but she still looks fine!! the outfit is horrible on her,,makes her look more fat!! and the camera angel but theres nothing wrong with her!! GOOOOD u ppl are just waiting for something to critise on!!
  • i hate her fake smile,,why does she over do her smile,,eeewww :S
  • u dont look like kim,, but u look more like her sister kourtny
  • woow there is a similarity beleive me..but enhance the eyes a bit more..lose the earrings
  • same eyes and eyebrows..thats its!
  • u do loook like kim here,,maybe the style and the way ur standing but u shouldve crossed ur legs :P
  • u dont look like her,,u dont have the same eyes or cheek bones or eyebrows which are her signiture,,but u are so beautiful :)love ur makeup and ur color
  • uuuhh!! at least close ur lips :S
  • yeah in some pics like the 1 wearing glasses and this 1 u do look like her, but the other 1s im afrain not :S
  • u doo look like her but only on the side,,there is a similarity