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  • [quote=andee]Let someone else make some money they have plenty. I admit i've watched them from time to time but it's getting old. No more Kardashian reality shows please!!![/quotyo you need a loan bro..... go to the bank and give them the same story... see what they say.
  • [quote=sdhnj]I agree with 'help me' and 'john'....this family does absolutely nothing. Kim is a fame whore who will pose naked or almost naked for anyone for a buck; khloe is a nasty b...... and khourtney seems to be closest to being the nicest one, but why can't she get married before having another child??? Chris Jenner would do anything to make a quick buck and Bruce seems to play with a helicopter all day. As stated, only in America could a family make billions without a lick of talent or anything worthwhile to contribute to society. What a bunch of losers.[/quote] and what do you do sdhnj? just out of curiosity, what do you contribute. the only thing i see is your ability to post comments which are totally irrelevant to the actual post.. (kind of like what many people do) releasing your frustrations here where its safe.. where your picture is not posted, where you feel nobody has a chance to respond to your statement. taking shots at a family that you have never spent any time with. It seems like your only ability is to make cowardly assumptions & strike at people who are in the spotlight just like many others. you make no sense, you contribute nothing, and next to your name is a ?. the only fame whore here is you, you want people to read your comment because it makes you feel so good to be an ***hole. that is the only way you can feel good about yourself and that makes you the biggest loser. im so glad im not you sdnj because if iwas i wouldn't have the big genuine smile that is posted on my face. : )
  • It does sound like the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory" from back in the day. If that's the case then everyone must want to be like charlie.
  • so many haters commenting.... oh well, i guess they have nothing better to do. ; ) ridiculous i tell you. utterly ridiculous. I also never realized that "Tind" was an actual word. well, i guess you learn something new every day.
  • Welcome to the East Coast