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  • Why do I LOVE my HD?... I just gotta say that's 'cause she had been my inspiration in everything, she made the person I am in this moment. She grew up with me, & she's been ALLWAYS been there, In the happiest & saddest moments in my life, thought everything. She'd been the only one. That's why I love her so much. She'd been the most PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL role to follow & I've been a truly fan since I was 12, since I saw her the 1st time as Lizzie. I'ts been 7 years now, & I'm so proud of having her in my life. Everybody's releate me with her, She's so like me :') & Why do I truly need to win this Devoted? Well, I would just buy it, but I'm not from USA; I'm from Mexico, & it's really difficult for me to get it. So I really hope you read this & vote for me :') That would made my life ♥ :'D Writted with all my love, Octavio