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  • [quote=sit down noah]noah has a small penis for living in the past. rihanna being hit? thats so 2009.[/quote] Your user name is "sit down noah?" As in, "sit down noah" "on my face?"
  • I wish she had been under a poorly constructed building in Haiti yesterday.
  • [quote=Disgusted]If she does end up killing herself, or overdosing (same difference), you asshats who blog every word that comes out of her parents' mouths will be partially to blame. Dina and Michael deserve to be locked up for mediawhoring their daughter into an early grave.[/quote] Where would one get an asshat? I've been looking for one lately.
  • actually not green beans - snow peas! eeeewww grosssss!!! do you like the snow?! omg! me too. anyway, write back!!!!!!
  • Justin, just so you know i'm getting offline soon b/c i have to eat dinner!! My mom made pork chops and green beans! omg gross but whatev. anyway then i'll get back online and c if u wrote back, but just in casxe i don't respond it'z cuz i'm eatin dinner! but don't worry ill be back on sooooon!!
  • Hey Justin, it's me again!! OMG!! So, I asked my mom and she said you could TOTALLLLLLY come to my bday party!!!! Don't be tardy to the partay! LOL. omg omg. JUSTTTIN!! so me and my friendz r like obsssessed w/ u and u r just like the coolest thing evr and ur voice is like 10 angels sitting on a cloud singin a song about clouds. I love clouds. OMG!!! Justin i hope i have a dream a/b u 2nite!?! can u like totally dream what u want to dream!?!?!? OMG! OMG! Anyway - write me back and I'll tell u everhthing about me!! i'm like totally into everything cool. but whateves. p.s. omg!? did you see paranormal activitiy!!? like totally scary! i din't go trickortreain this year cuz it's like lame and for little kids. omg so scary!! youare the best justin!! totally call me!! call me! or email me!! or find me onfacebook. i'm only allowed to be online before 9pm but then after i'm not allowed so if u email me 2nite i won't get it until tomorrow after skool b/c i don't check my email in the mornin cuz i'm like totally not tired! omg but my mom doesn't let me drink starbuzcks b/c it could like stunt my growth but i'm like whatever mom!! anyway CALL ME!!! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo
  • OMG...Justin, you are my dream come true. I can't believe I have existed in this world without you for so long. PLEASE, PLEASE come to my birthday party next week. I mean, you might like be busy or whatever singing on TV shows and becoming the next Zac Efron/Justin Timberlake, Efronlake. Anyway you are like totally totally hot and I'm gonna have like Papa John's deliver pizzas and we're like totally gonna stay up all night and I'm sure my Mom will let you spend the night - you can sleep in my little brother's room. He won't care - he's got twin beds and you can like totally have so much. And we're also renting that movie with that girl in it, but if you want we'll rent GIJOe so you don't like get bored. But anyway, if you can't come to my birhtday party maybe you we can meet somehwere?!?!? OMG!!!J!L!LL just the thought of it makes me like totally freaaaaaak out! OMG. omg om go gomgalskjdf;lakjsdfl;akjsdf Totesssssss~ justin you are my dreammmmmm1!!!!!
  • Is it wrong to like Kate after seeing this? How funny. When is she going to get her own show? Oh...wait. Right...
  • he is SO SEXY! Look at that goofy grin. You know you want him.