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  • Maybe if it wasn't a long sleeve it would have been alot cuter, but still. She's beautiful.
  • It's not bad at all. But it looks like something I can find at any fashion store.
  • What happened to dressing elegant & beautiful to award shows were you might be honored with an award for your work. This is so ugly & stupid, I don't see what she tired to pull off or tell the world with this.
  • oh & btw those shoes go GREAT with his pants, come on now it's like wearing a sexy red dress w. leapord print heels. It's hot. He worked it with pants & sneakers :)
  • It's great for a guy his age, he works it & he works it hard ;)
  • You people are so stupid. You swear like it was a photo shoot & she was posing like this. Noooo it just happened to be a picture during her performance.