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  • If Rob is with Nikki Reed he sure cheats on her all the time. Nikki was getting super bad press partying with him which is why they don't want to be seen together. My friend has seen him leave parties with various models in the past few months obviously going home with them. The friend isn't a Twilight fan, or RPattz fan, so he'd have no reason to lie. Also, Rob clearly likes models so it makes sense as his fiancee was a model, he was staring at Heidi on Letterman, and Tyra on her show. As much as everyone wants to link him to someone he is single. He is acting single. Let the guy have his fun while he is young.
  • This site sometimes makes itself look stupid. This is one of those times. She dated his best friend for years. She is his friend. He asked her to present an award to him a while back.. and she went to the premiere of Twilight. He is single and sleeping his way through models in LA. He isn't dating any one girl. I know its hard to believe but men and women can actually be friends. I'm sure he wouldn't play his best friend like that. Not to mention she has a boyfriend. Also, their body language screams good friends. Its nice to see him looking happy with a friend. I'd probably find it cute if they were dating but its fairly obvious to anyone who follows either of them that they aren't.
  • I'm sure Rob is living his life in fear of RK shippers. So much so that he hasn't been seen with this girl coming or leaving any clubs/bars. Right. It didn't bother him when the rumor was Nikki Reed. He still goes out with her.. and doesn't comment on whether its true/false. So, I really doubt that he is hiding this girl away because he is playing the Hollywood game. Its really not like him. He knows people think he is with Camilla but he asked her to present and attend the Hollywood Awards with him. If this girl is his girlfriend I'm sure someone will snap her in the front row in Rome with all the other significant others that do nothing but follow their cash cow around.
  • I'm not saying that papparazzi would get him at breakfast. That is obviously not going to happen at this point in his career. But I think fans that saw him groping a model in public that reported this would have cell phone pictures if it was true. Everyone and their mother has cell phone pictures when they see a celebrity. How do you think Seinna/Balthazar and Diddy/Cassidy were exposed? Cell phones of randoms. Also, I'd hardly call a man reclusive who parties 3 nights a week at the hip Hollywood clubs where paparazzi hang out. He is probably the least reclusive member of the cast. Kristen Stewart? Thats reclusive. She doesn't party in the big clubs. There are fake ones of her boyfriend on Orkut for sure. But the one I'm referring to of hers has her family members linked to her on it. I guess anything could be fake. Facebook. MySpace. But the boyfriend she broke up with earlier in the year was not this guy.
  • Nobody denied the MySpace is real. I just doubt it has anything about her dating Rob on it. Yes, they are friends. She is BFF with Shannon Woodward. He was out with Woodward after the Hollywood awards. Her Orkut account says "married" and she is clearly still with her Brazilian boyfriend. She logged in today. It also has her family linked on it. So, take that as you may. I'm sure she is friends with Rob. She still has a boyfriend as of right now. One that must be serious if she deems herself "married" to him. It must suck to have people linking you with your friend when you are in a serious relationship that is long distance.
  • People have been saying that for months. Yet, she was handholding him online well after this concert. His picture was them kissing. Their statuses said "married." I don't doubt people have seen her and Rob together. They hang out with the same crowd. Same with people who think he is with Camilla Belle who has on/off dated TomStu for a while.