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  • First, let's give it up for the mastery that is Brandi. When Yo brought her over to Marissa, it looked like she might have to apologize for her inappropriate text. BUT - Brandi (the housewife/jedi master) turned it around on Marissa; brilliant. Then, Faye comes over and it makes no sense. Marissa didn't like her when they met at Kyle's a few weeks ago. Why would Faye enter into a conversation with people who either don't like her or don't know her? Finally, I love that Lisa asked Yolanda if she felt odd seeing her husband's ex-wife when nobody ever asked David if it was odd to be in the same room with with ex-wife nor did we ever she her (or her little jar of jam) again.
  • There was a bit of fakery in last night's show. After the dinner at Sur, Kim took Taylor aside to get her take on Brandi's disclosure. But, it was so fake, it seemed to be filmed separately. Why would Kim talk to Taylor of all people? The whole scene seemed like it was set up to further the story. Especially since they showed Kim getting up and leaving the table while Brandi was talking about Adrienne.
  • I didn't understand Yolanda's comment about having the party in her family room. Why have a 12,000 sq foot house if you don't eat in the dining room? Not that it wasn't lovely but, between the hostess wearing jeans and kicking everyone out in the end it seemed like Yolanda was slumming it with the housewives. Also, the story of the Foster's meeting was gross. Especially because you know that they are the type to tell that story over and again. But neither one comes off well. I was also amazed that they have only been married for two years, it seems like it would take long just build that house. Lastly, you know Yolanda's designer wants to shoot the tv every time that she mentions drawing the entire house by hand as if there weren't a whole group that was responsible for that place.
  • I was surprised at Kathy at the reunion. She cut deeply by bringing up Tre's mother and it seemed unnecessary. Also, RHONY recast after a very dark season last year, so one tends to wonder where RHONJ will go after this reunion. Nobody seems to want to film with Tre. Caroline and Jackie don't seem to be close with wither Melissa or Kathy so it would not make sense for them to film together. So who's left a year from now? This reunion was a little too caustic for me. I don't mind when they fight but all seems a little too personal. Also, I hate the concept of stirring the pot using viewer questions. The viewers don't need to judge the housewives, they do that on their own. Finally, I loved Lauren's segment except for the suicide comment. It's petty and lacks rhetorical reasoning to say that Tre is both stupid and causing suicides. Tre is too dumb and self centered to actually plot against Melissa. Thus her only 'crime' is that she heard some gossip and did nothing to shut it down.
  • I agree with that it was a Tre setup because it was so dumb. Melissa was right, what would Tre get out of this setup ? The others don't care if Melissa ever stripped and Tre just looks mean for not defending Melissa to this creep. Also, Tre's response to Melissa calling her Joe was priceless. Once Tre realized that this was not going to go as planned she really panicked. I also think Caroline and her daughter's responses were ridiculous. They're insinuating themselves into the argument does not suggest that they are "done" with Tre. It suggests that they just want to fight with her and they seemed like busy-bodies. In my opinion, Kathy won the season. She seemed sane and she ate her salad which did look delish.
  • I gotta say after watching the fight I have to side Tre on this one. Caroline is a grown intelligent woman with three grown kids, so knows Tre's limitations. Tre tried to apologize numerous times over a small comment in a cookbook that nobody will care about in two weeks. Tre also committed the crime of not wanting to talk about her's husband's embarrassing behavior on TV, and trying to make a buck of the tabloids while her family is in a financial crisis. It's not that bad and certainly did not require Caroline to call her names in front of Tre's husband and family. Caroline had more support from her family. She is smarter and wealthier. So, in my eyes, she came off very poorly and mean. This is not to forgive Tre's odd and often frustrating defensiveness. However, why don't the women around her recognize her limitations and try to support her?