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  • I'm not in the Hollywood scene whatsoever but my best friend throws some pretty swanky events so I get to attend every once in a while.I happened to be standing next to them and got the courage to spark up a conversation! They politely and kindly introduced themselves. He's obviously gorgeous and her face is stunning! Actually I couldn't stop staring at her because she's so unique looking. Dylan was very nice but a bit quiet, Shasi was down to earth and really sweet. You can definitely tell Dylans girlfriend has a strong personality, but personally I prefer that because it's honest and real. People in this town seem to put on a show and I didn't get that from them at all. It's a bit gossipy but I've heard his ex is a bit of a phony. I guess you cant judge a book by it's cover. Definitely maybe an odd pairing but they seemed to be happy and clearly it works. Loved them!