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  • I would love to take Darren to Washington Square Park for an early evening of people-watching. At any given moment one can experience the best humanity has to offer - community and togetherness. Under the shadow of that gorgeous arch gather families and friends, community meet-up groups, and individuals who offer their talent for others' enjoyment. Magicians, trick-performing dogs, tai chi practitioners, LARPers, musicians and dancers - all just enjoying life and each other. The atmosphere is joyful and electric, making it a wonderful place to just be. It is easy, too, to blend in and enjoy an intimate conversation, becoming part of the scene - background noise. This experience is best enjoyed with a friend, or future friend, and some banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. :)
  • I would bring my sister, Kim, because we share our love for Glee. I love the Warblers, so I'd love to hear any of their songs, but my fave of theirs is "When I Get You Alone."
  • My fave Warblers song and number from glee is "When I Get You Alone" - fantastic choreography, practically gymnastic dancing, and sultry singing by all! :-)