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  • Evidently, Danny Nightingale (ex-SAS) and another soldier shared digs. They both were arrested for having in their possession weaponry. It may have been to safeguard themselves from harm because they knew too much. However, the reason the weaponry was discovered was because Nightingale's roommate was threatening his ex-wife, whom he had told that the SAS was responsible for the death of Diana and Dodi. The ex-parents-in-law of this man were so afraid for their daughter's life they reported their former son-in-law's admission about the SAS involvement in a conspiracy to murder Diana. What hope they said, have we of saving our daughter? If he could possibly be involved in murdering her, how would our daughter fare? The house was searched, the weapons discovered, and the men charged as a result. He may have been shooting his mouth off, but I think not. This new allegation accords with my findings released in my book: The Bible Code, Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Available on Lulu, Amazon