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  • when I first saw teen mom with Farrah, I felt really sorry for her, she lost her babys daddy and her mom was a b*tch. And it seemed she was doing an awesome job trying to care for her daughter, but now because she was on a show for being a teen sex pot, she thinks shes intitled to fame, wrong shes done nothing to make her any kind of starlett, this is a disgrace to real stars who work to get where they are and an even bigger disgrace to mothers everywhere. I used to think she was a beautiful smart girl, now I find her very disgusting and raunchy. What would make you think that you are so famous that you needed to do a sex tape, while on your period at that, might i mention vivid entertainment returned her nasty bikini to store unwashed from once it came. This whole story is disgusting an horrid. Then for her to admit all the nasty things then say she might be pregnant again, and then say she'll show her daughter the tape. I wonder how Sophia's, fathers family feel about this?