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  • Typical liberal whining. They attack Trump, who by the way has a very good business and personal relationship with Macy's spanning several decades, by calling him names and making up lie after lie after lie. Then when Trump fights back using exactly the same techniques, they cry about it. If you want Trump to refrain from making a personal attack against one of your fellow libs, then don't make one on him to start with. I have to give Trump credit for not putting up with this nonsense. There is a reason why Donald Trump has been so successful and why he has employees who work for him for years, often retiring from his company, and why he has had such good relationships with even his competitors, who often become his partners: He is a decent and honest guy who says and does what says he will do. And by the way, conservatives have never not voted for Obama because of race. They don't vote for him because he is incompetent and knows alot about the wrong ways to do things.