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  • hahaha ashley benjamin is prolly a pseudonym for big butt karshittian.
  • uh, i didnlt know my nude photoshoot was going to involve nudity altho they painted my naked self silver? the girl is a piece of trash and an attention seeker. she has to do it with sex or nudity because other than a big ass and tatas, what does the skank have to offer? go away you sewer rat.
  • klo karshittian is NO model and she looks positively putrid--esp in the worm dress and that pouffy green number. she stands like a cross dresser and has no grace or poise. please ogod please make the karshittians go away
  • kathy griffin looks the the underside of a junkie's ass. she has a mouth so dirty she must have begged the whole merchant marine if she could do them and never rinsed. the woman is a talentless skank. she really needs rehab (and a bar of soap)
  • hmmm what is the smell of a kardashian? Sweaty, naked and oily, and too much frikkin makeup. no thanks. and who wants to smell like that big bald ugly guy? yuk
  • hid-eeee-us. WHo is that lumpy, ugly guy? all i can say is, if this is sexy then we can expect a decrease in the population
  • Ugly people, immature ad, very silly. she is also not naked (look at the side of her bra--bad filming, too). Please god, rid us of the kardashians once and for all. every blasted media outlet has become the kardashian's personal scrapbook. and they don;t DO anything to merit all this attention. aaaaakkkkkk She is thick-looking and ger fashion" YRB photshoot is laughable. There is a REASON runway models are used and not dorky, baby-faced blah folk