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  • I think they make a cute couple! And Taylor Swift is 19 or 20 yrs old and jake is 27 i think. Its not a big deal the difference in years between them. Besides if they like each other who cares about the age difference.
  • I totally agree with what some of you said..just because rob was seen hanging out with eva mendes 1 night does not mean that he will be hooking up with her or with his new moon co-star elizabeth..they were just hanging out having a good time. I don't think the media and press are going to leave rob alone anytime soon he is to popular and famous right now in HollyWood maybe in a whole lot of years to come they will forget about him and not follow his every step.
  • I don't think that kristen was holding a tissue in her hand because she was crying because she doesn't like her new hair. or because she misses robert pattinson who is in new york fact i don't think she was crying at all. Maybe she has a cold or she was sneezing could be. I also don't think rob wouldn't stop dating her cuz now she has black 80's haircut of course not! don't think it matters to him.besides why is everyone saying that they're a couple in real life they could be only just good friends...just because they were spotted and photographed together does not really have to mean that they are dating. I wish they were for real i really like how they look together they would be such a cute pair.
  • What does dressing a certain way have to do with the love you or respect you may have with a person's country? That is just stupid! And also just because rob now lives in the united states and not in the UK does not mean he isn't british anymore or that he totally forgot where he comes from..he is living in the USA because of his career as an actor and work. The guy needs to work to survive in this world just like everybody else and his job just happens to be as an actor. i don't think anybody that does not know him can say that he has changed since he became a famous celebrity, that only his parents or sisters or close friends can say it is them who really know him since he was a baby untill now. Your fans love ya rob no matter what lies and just bullsh*t people may say about you.
  • I think she looks ok with the short black hair. She doesn't look bad. Besides if she doesn't like soon as she is done filming The Runways she can dye it brown again or however she likes it. And by the time she will be filming eclipse and promoting new moon am sure it will be long again. If not she can always wear extensions like in Twilight she looks good with them. I think rob doesn't care if she cut or dyed her hair black he probably likes her for who she is. I am refering to her personality.
  • I think kristen should choose to be with rob. He is a million times better than Angarano. I think she and RPattz look really good together. I also think it is super cool that rob has got a crush on kristen, it shows that a hottie like him can fall for a not so beautiful model type girl..because kristen does not look like a runway model from victoria secret like the ones that leonardo dicarpio likes to date. This does not mean that i think that kristen is ulgy not at all she's cute.