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  • I <3 Snooki! I got into the Jersey Shore show while on bedrest--pregnant with twins--and lived vicariously through Snooki's party daysI It was something that I could fondly relate to, from the party animal to the up and down scale. Reminded me of myself before I got preggers. Snooki has now transformed into an amazing mother and successful career woman and I couldn't be more proud! She looks fabulous and she give people hope--you can be a mom and get back in shape and be beautiful and do it all!! Nobody is as CANDID as Nicole--don't ever stop!! ANDDD I cant get enough of the Snooki Sunless Tanning Spray--OMG--the freakin BEST!!! As for Miranda--beautiful woman--mother--spiritualist--and an avid coconut oil buff, ME TOO!!