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  • I'm sorry but, Rihanna and Chris are two adults and if she has found it in her soul to forgive this young man, then that is where it stops. The public (mock therapists included, Ms. Velez-Mitchell) has absolutely no say in what these two do. Just as we (and you Ms. Velez-Mitchell) wouldn't allow strangers to dictate our lives. This society loves throwing the words "Forgive and "Forgiveness" or terms like "turn the other cheek" around but doesn't seem to know how to actually forgive, show forgiveness or “turn the other cheek”. We seem to think that we have a right to judge a celebrity because they are in the public eye, but would balk and become completely offended should someone who sees us publicly every day at work or every Friday at the bar judge us similarly. We become offended if someone posts a catty a remark on FB but have no problem posting negative words about a celebrity on a blog. Chris Brown has completed his 52 mandatory weeks of Anger Management and has even continued his therapy to this day. Rihanna is also going through counseling. (let' us not forget both of these young people came from very abusive childhood backgrounds. Something all the judgmental posts, articles and grand standing artist ...i.e. Melissa Lambert, rarely mention) Chris has completed his Community service, he is adhering to his probation and has ALWAYS taken full responsibility for his actions. He has tried educate other young people so that they do not follow the same path he fell into. He is not a serial abuser, it took one occurrence and he has been trying to do right ever since. I find it very interesting that a young man (19 at the time now 24) who is NOT a repeat offender is held up as some sort of example of the worst kind of man, while Grown men with a proven track record for abuse both physical and emotional abuse like Sheen, Cage, Gibson,etc are just given a pass. That's right let's crucify the young man who has been getting help for his anger issues but just wave our hands at the men who have not gotten help and continue their abusive patterns. Where are your judgmental words for them? The blazing articles full of what they should be doing years later? The public, the law, both sets of parents and Rihanna asked certain things of him and he has done exactly what was asked. Rihanna sees the person he is trying to become and she forgave him. But according to many she shouldn't? She should stay locked in an emotional bitterness instead of releasing it and living her life freely? The world can't ask these two to jump through "their" idea of moral hoops and then when they stop condemn them. They are adults who fell in love as children and were torn away from each other. They never fell out of love. Did it ever occur to you Ms. Velez, that perhaps what these two are looking for is simply closure? They may not want to be in a relationship, but they do want to close a period in their lives that was left gaping. But even if they do decide to be together, just as you decide who you date and eventually marry or is their business and their right to do so without the world nay saying their every move. They have a right to their mistakes just as you, I and every other human being does. Our mistakes however aren't publicized by ever media outlet in the world. We don't have the world sitting as audience to our private issues. They can't say the same. Leave them alone and let them work their lives out themselves.
  • [quote=Jack]This might be the only reason I would watch. I think Aniston has more class than Pitt or Jolie put together.To the poster above, in case you didn't know it, Aniston's movie is doing better than Pitt's, despite the award nominations that Pitt's movie is getting. I'm sure Pitt's will pass hers but for now, it says volumes that so many chose her movie over his.[/quote] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ are right TCCOBB will outperform Marley, as well as both Valkyrie and Changeling. But where you tout the box office performance, the subject is the “Oscars” and for the record the majority of the Oscar wins performed very poorly at the box-office. That doesn’t speak to the fans of Aniston or Pitt. It speaks to the American public’s desire for non- thought provoking movies. For instance, Wanted –with no plot to speak of- has made Well over $350 million dollars. Marley and Me and Benjamin will NEVER see that. But here’s the twist. Jolie can pump out a plot lacking action flick and make over $50 million in an opening weekend (almost toping both Aniston and Pitt put together) then pump out an animation flick (granted it was just her voice and she shared it with Black and Hoffman) that opened at $60 million and then turn around and pump out Changeling, which had a very sad opening and is just hitting 80 million as we speak, but here is the kicker. IT GARNERED HER A 2ND OSCAR NOMINATION. Say what you want to about Jolie but that is one bad chic. All calculated Jolie is HW’s new ‘money maker’ girl as she is the only actress in history who’s movies combined have made 1 billion dollars in a span of 12 months. Again something Aniston WILL NEVER SEE. Aniston can present ALL she wants but alas…always a presenter never a nominee or winner. Sorta like the tired old bride’s maid role she’s always playing. Just to clear it up for you...Aniston lacks both class and integrity. She uses people like you to spread her "poor me" drivel and like dutiful little lemmings you run from post to post denigrating both Pitt and Jolie. For what? A disingenuous woman who has gone out of her way to seek out the personal pursuits of tanning, smoking and lazing around? You can dare speak ill of people who are trying to HELP others even where the government has turned its back? You can speak ill of two people who are trying to help the poor, homeless, displaced true ‘victims’ while touting the lacking skills and selfish motives of a woman who has done nothing to warrant it? Interesting speaks a lot about you. Pitt for his credit began his career truly acting and somewhere along the line…hmmm…around the time he married Aniston, he began to fall into the ‘Golden’ trap. Glad to see he has finally dug his way out and has embarked on a more serious career, one that has garnered him a 2nd OSCAR NOMINATION. ANISTON WILL NEVER REACH THE HEIGHTS OF THE OSCAR NOMINATED AND WINNING WORLD. YOU NEED ACTUAL SKILL. Something Aniston lacks. Ensemble casts are all she can join. She's only able to partially succeed if her costar is (Vaughn, Wilson, Carey...umm…I don’t know A DOG maybe) don't fool yourself into thinking Marley succeeded because of 'Aniston'. Beckinsale could have done the same.