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  • " I want the #PinkPanda" Love it! I collect Pandas! This would be a great one to add to my collection! Great Pic! #KHLOE&LAMAR <3 XO
  • By far Kim Kardashian style is the BEST. Totally fabulous taste of fashion design. Perfection in every picture. Totally a True Fashion Star! <3 U Kim! U Totally Rock!
  • I love Kendall & Kylie do to the fact they are excellent teen role models, beautiful & so down to earth for being so famous. Kendall & Kylie inspire my daughter as she idolizes them both in so many ways. Gorgeous fashion models as well as both Kendall & Kylie follow as many fans as possible on facebook, twitter & keek. So proud of Kendall & Kylie for all they do with modeling,fashion. Hard working teenagers. Caring & loving all their fans. My daughters wish is one day could meet Kendall & Kylie to tell you in person how much you both mean to her. My daughter wants to become a model one day as this is her dream too have Kendall & Kylie help her get started in modeling.