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  • My Son And i Are Alwayyyys Watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Yes my Son is 3 And LOVES! The kardashian! He Is ! The Biggest Flirt EVER!. So When I Told Him You Were Doing This He Goes Mommy! Oh My Dod lol (GOD) But he Said Dod We Dotta Do Diss lol So Here it iss :) We Had a Blast And This Picture Is Him Giving Kisses To You and Lamar :) With a Mustache :D We Love you Khloe! And Lamar! And The KARDASHIANS Yours Truly, Shelby And Christopher
  • This is my Pride and Joy. And the Thing i Love The most EVERYDAY is his Kisses =D
  • Girls, I Decided To TRY and do all of you =] I think the dresses are gorgeous And you all three would look FAB in them! i dont think these were ever worn at the oscars And i dound them and seen there were 3 and the same but different colors and since you guys are so close i fugured it would be really sweet and nice to dress you in similar outfits ! =] you guys are an inspiration to me and i look up to all of you. Your alot like my family. And everytime i watch your shows its like watching my own family ! i love you guys to death. And i hope you enjoy the the picture =] Its not perfect but i did my best. I love you guys ! =]