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  • Gotta love Amber, she is a great role model for girls with ample curves. The only change would be the bangs, a little too thick & straight...look like the clip on type...not natural.
  • Lea looks beautiful in this dress, but her hair misses the mark....this is the first time I have seen her hair look straggly instead of wavy in a pretty way.
  • Where do I begin...Alexander McQueen (RIP) was/is so overrated. I have not seen one dress that I have thought was gorgeous...even pretty & flattering. Just don't get it and him. Guess since he died that it is the "in" thing to wear his fashions....can't wait for the mourning period to be over and for his fashions to pass into history like him. Mila is so pretty and has a fantastic body but this dress dominates her with the garish, ugly print...which is a no-no....she should be wearing the dress not the dress wearing her..........
  • I am not crazy about this dress on her...the color is fine, but the style is just not that flattering...it makes her boobs look squashed and her waist & hips look bigger than they are. She usually looks fantastic, but this dress missed the mark.
  • She doesn't belong on the worst list....the top is pushing it but from the waist down it was okay and her hair and makeup were flattering....to answer Rebecca, yeah, it is weird that she would be invited to this or any other award shows...her show jumped the shark a long time ago.
  • She so needs to fire her stylist....she looked so cheap at the Golden Globes and now this dress should be worn by an older woman...if worn at all...her hair isn't age appropriate either....so old lady & conservative. January is so pretty and has a fantastic body, too....why is her stylist all over the place...cheap/trashy...then too conservative/age inappropriate....too bad........
  • She doesn't belong on the WORST list, but she definitely has to watch it because she has that tendency to look a bit cheap/trashy.
  • I don't think she belongs on the WORST list....she comes in somewhere in the middle of the pack
  • She needs to fire her stylist....this is the most unattractive dress I have ever seen her in....this black mess just drains her and she is not the vivacious vixen we all love to see and admire.
  • Angie kept tweeting about how much she loved her gown and by her BIG smile, you can tell she thinks she looks great looking like BIG BIRD's sister. The dress is ridiculous, even on her rockin' body. Well at least she is happy and no one burst her bubble at the SAG's ...too bad she will get the bad news the morning after.