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  • Playa1 says: Who the hell is this wierd chick?! Even I know who Bieber is. C'mon, she know him. Who the hell listens to the Beatles and Led Zep...Well I listen to Led Zep, BUT at her age. I bet she doesn't know ONE song!!! LMAO. Act ur age girlie!!! Playa1 has spoken!!
  • AWWW HELL NOOO!...10 things my ass...the only thing that came to mind was SIDESHOW BOB! LMAO
  • Alright!...who the hell is Jesse James? Wasn't he a motorcyle mechanic or something? Kat!, mami, what makes YOU think he won't play around with you dear?! If he did it on a Super HOT, Super sexy mega movie star celebrity. Not that you're not hot Kat baby, you're smokin'!!! But if he did it to her, he'll do it to you....unless you two are into that kinda thing? YEAH BABY!!!