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  • This Pope girl is a total hypocrite and and attention seeking wh*re! “[Snooki's] life is so much about being on reality TV, but she really needs to make time to have a private life,” Pope says. She should take her own advice! This comment coming from the girl who was induced for her most previous birth to coincide with the premiere of her show and Mother's Day? This comment coming from Pope who tweeted her entire birth from start to finish while making sure to remind you to watch the premiere of her show? Pope took one of the most sacred moments of her life and turned it into a PR stunt. I don't think she is qualified to give advice to Snooki on what to do and not to do. I doubt any of it could reach the lows you hit during your last birth. Thankfully Snooki has no idea who you are and has no plan to be on your failed show. Please just shut up and go away. Maybe grab some credentials before you give advice or at least make sure you are not the biggest hypocrite in the room.