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  • HI KOURT,KIMMY,KHLOE, My Costume is original nobody can buy it!! I was a Painted "HOT PINK ZEBRA", PICK ME, PICK ME, :)) YOU WILL DEFINATELY MAKE A GIRLS DAY. LOVE, CHRISTINA :)
  • Phinnaeus is not only hard for the poor child to spell or the rest of his life he will have to correct everybody, It sounds HIDEOUS!!!(I cant even spell that!!)LOL
  • [quote=kr1sty]wait... Rumer makes it, but Talullah doesn't?[/quote] If you name your kid Rumer don't expect it to be a cute girl :) More like a martian??
  • Here is my little Guy Jason as "DRONKEY" we love Shrek :) Pick Us!!!!! IM A HUGE FAN OF KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS. I don't think you want to see me in a costume. Kids are cuter :) PICK US, PICK US :))