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  • I've got my tickets for the midnight showing! There's nothing as exciting as seeing the movie in the company of others who are fans of the book series too~ I can't wait!
  • all of the scenes mentioned above are ones i'm looking forward to seeing... but I also want to see the scene where Peeta takes a beating from his mom to give bread to Katniss, and the next day when after school she wants to thank him but looks away, spotting the dandelion. it seems to portray both characters beginnings, where Peeta demonstrates his affection for her, and she finds hope in her (and Prim's) survival by realizing she can draw on the knowledge taught by her father in hunting and gathering :D
  • Very realistic figure of Taylor... better than most i see of celebrities! Is that supposed to be Rob Pattinson next to him? I'd pick Jacob over Edward any day <3