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  • Wait what the...... Is with this thread All I see is people bishfighting about Twilight and The Hunger Games. Honestly, don't you guys have something...... better to do? Nothing wrong with having an oppinion, or telling other people what you think.... But at least have proper arguments. I've read both The Hunger Games and Twilight, and seen both movies. I liked the Twilight books, and love The Hunger Games. I tought the Twilight movie was a total bore tough, (barely) no action, and only scenes of Bella & Edward together *yawn* (And the acting was..... bad). THG movie was real good, way better then I expected, actually. The reason I liked the Twilight book(s) is because it is easy to read, it doesn't have a complicated story line, and it's mostly romantic. The reason why I liked The Hunger Games is because it was way "heavier", it really made me think about certain things and it makes you see how horribly realistic the story is. So why try to compare them? Those books have NOTHING to do with each other at all.... And what's wrong with liking both?