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  • I love Big Time Rush because they are very down to earth people. They don't take the fame to their heads like a lot of other performers/celebs/people in the entertainment business. They're great role models for people of all ages. I like how even outside of their show and concerts they can keep it PG because they are PG that's just their personality there's no vulgarity at all. They know their audience and they cater to them perfectly. They work so hard in life cause they have their TV show and on top of that they keep touring for their fans. They don't just sing on stage they interact with the crowd and dance their butts off! It's kinda saddening to see them not get the appreciation they deserve outside of their fanbase. I would love to see them make it big in life like their competition One Direction because I believe they work harder. All they want in life is to be respected and nothing else and it makes me and other Rushers so proud when they're happy because we know if it weren't for us they wouldn't be where they are today. :)
  • My Big Time Rush Valentine is James because he's sweet, has a great sense of style, and is into a lot of things that I'm into! <3