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  • Bad picture doesn't even show what he looks like really....
  • Ok now could the have a worse pictures. I mean we can't see him, he mght as well have his back turned.
  • yea instead of making something of his life he just gave up and turned to religion.
  • What trash that's what happens when your a cute kid and get a job where you parents make lots of money and forget about you. This is what happens.
  • Where do they get these pictures, it seems they get the worst pictures of them to compare. The ones of them young are doing stupid things or not looking natural and the ones of them as adults are all done up not even natural either or not showing their real lives.
  • The prob with this picture is it's not what he really looked like it's his part in the show and how he dressed for the show he didn't look like this in real life.
  • yea it's too bad he was a cute kids and he went bad. These are the disappointing ones.
  • She was so cute now she's trash trying to pretend she's not trash. Trash looks like trash. It's just too bad her parents let her do what she has with her life. She's on tv trying to make our kids be like her... no way.