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  • Uh……It was US Magazine that started this several hours ago. And the story just got taken down on THEIR website. And the things she allegedly said came from “A source close to” and “an insider” Lets not jump to conclusions just yet………something tells me there’s may be something to this bombshell that hasn’t been revealed yet, maybe US received bad intel and jumped the gun in hopes of sweeping the story. At the very least we should wait for the official statements from the PEOPLE THAT ARE INVOLVED in this before we start throwng words like “tramp” and “*****” around. It wouldn’t suprise me if it was true……but it also wouldn’t suprise me if Rob and Stew were sitting down at thier laptops and laughing their asses off at all the build up while thier lawyers and agents prepare to put this whole thing to bed. Just wait till it gets CONFIRMED……otherwise you may just be embarrassing yourselves by being part of the mob mentality