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  • Here is my second and last scary memory from childhood.I went to a catholic school as a kid and everyone including the teachers were afraid of the old convent next to our school.The convent had some real history to it. It was a mansion when it was built buy the founder of our town but his only son drowned in the pond behind the house and his wife committed suicide. So,he gave it to the church for the nuns but the nuns eventually moved out too. So our school started having a few classes in that building.I had one very bad experience in that convent....I was in the room where the math tutor class was being held and the teacher was there with 2 other kids.....suddenly a broom from a corner moved 10 feet across the floor and right into a window which cracked and we all went running down stairs and out of the building....including the teacher.HA!
  • One really hot summer night when I was 5 I was sleeping on the couch in my grandparents living room...my grandfather had the windows open and the front door was open except for the screen door which was closed.My grandfather was sitting in a rocking chair while I slept because I was sick as usual. The scary thing that happened that night was a drunk man wondered up and kicked our screen door in.....he came into the house!! He rambled on for just a second and then took off running..my little grandfather went after him but never caught him.We were never sure why this man came into the house or what he said to us exactly...but I was scared to sleep for years after that.