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  • Ryan really scared me. And you were right on about the audio (mics) being on and proving him a liar. I loved the slip when he said he "owned" the house and caught himself. Maybe we need to stop obsessing over Brooks and give Ryan a good hard look. Did not like what I saw and Brianna's reaction to it.
  • Alex, here are my thoughts- Gretchen just got herself kicked off this show. Not including the women in her "proposal party" just emphasized the fact she has no place in this group anymore. Vicki hates her, Tamra (who I detest) is throwing her under the bus (I wonder if their new friendship was all a set up???), Heather can't let the "Malibu Country" thing go, Lydia hates Slade and by association, Gretchen, and Alexis, Gretchen's last chance at a friendship on the show, has moved on. Who is left for her to hang out with? I will be shocked if she is on the show next season (See Danielle Staub, RHONJ). And from what I've been reading, most people could care less about watching a Gretchen/Slade wedding spinoff. You mentioned the fact that their engagement was not the finale indicates there could be a spinoff, but couldn't it also be that no one cared enough to make it the big finale?
  • Hi Alex- I'm very curious for your take on how Gretchen is being shown/edited this season. I feel like Gretchen let bygones be bygones with Tamra because she was tired of being the outcast (especially after Heather made such a seamless transition into the "cool girls" club) and as as a result, tossed Alexis to the wolves. All this has done is shown what a horrible person Gretchen is and it looks like (on the show, and more recently, according to the way they interact on social media) Tamra is ready to once again go after Gretchen. Do you think Gretchen is getting what she deserves? And when is Tamra going to get the "b*tch edit"? In my opinion, she is the worst on the show and is long overdue. Thanks!!
  • Hi Alex- a couple of things- up until this point I was feeling bad for Vicki and had forgotten how self-involved she is. Well this episode took me back! I agree Heather picked the wrong venue (I also think Heather is more suited for RHOBH, but that's another story). But I also agreed with her comment about basically sucking it up and if you don't like it, don't go back. Vicki was HORRIBLE in this episode. First of all, she wasn't one of the "hosts" and had no right to change the itinerary. Only the hosts (Gretchen and Heather) or the bride to be (Tamra) could have done that. Vicki has no regard for what other people want to do, or what they have planned and acts like a spoiled child who won't quit til she gets her way. She was embarrassing to watch. And Tamra never should have gone along with it. If you saw the preview for next week (Gretchen screaming at Tamra), I have a feeling in the fight of Vicki vs. Gretchen for Tamra BFF title, Gretchen is going to lose.
  • Hi Alex- couple of comments: 1) Tamra is HORRIBLE- she is an evil, horrible person. She's been this way since she came on the show, first attacking Gretchen relentlessly and now Alexis. I get that Alexis tries to "show off" but don't they all? This is her biggest crime? Tamra is just jealous that Alexis managed to pull off an "OC" lifestyle while Tamra is living with her gigolo boyfriend. That marriage isn't going to last either. I am hoping this is the season that she gets the "mean girl" edit, but its looking like that honor will go to Gretchen. Which leads me to 2) Gretchen- no comments about how horrible she was? She was even meaner than Tamra, considering she was close with Alexis. Read the message boards on she's getting slayed. 3) What about Heather? How can someone who seems intelligent and so well-spoken associate with the likes of mean, ignorant white trash Tamra? Do you think this is an ally thing- meaning she thinks Tamra is the Queen Bee and is trying to keep peace with her? It makes no sense to me that these two would be friends in real life. BTW, I totally agree with Lydia's statement re: Alexis- she needs to hear the truth- Alexis is no prize, but she is the weakest link and is obviously still on the show because its a job- she wouldn't hang out with these people in real life. Same for Heather- she clearly went on this show to resurrect her acting career- which obviously did not work out. She would not be hanging out with Tamra, Gretchen, etc otherwise. Would love to know your thoughts. BTW- I think it would be pure genius to dump the "new" RHONY cast and bring back you and Jill. The ratings would come back!