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  • Please be true to all of the sex scenes even those in the cottage not just on esme island. Be true to the birth scene and all of it's gore. Otherise the movie could be boring. be true to Edward and give him his heroic momments (unlike what you did in Eclipse). I don't care if it's rated R or not... I will go to see it several times if it's good. there is at least 4 hours here...why not make each movie 2 1/2 hours and be true to the book. Make the fans happy.
  • I just wanted to add... there was one scene in Eclipse I loved and the was the proposal scene.. You actually wrote that better than it was in the book.... I was pleasantly pleased. Again, don't take away from Edward in Breaking's not the Jacob show. Edward is Bella's world. Jacob's part in this only has a few key scenes that are good the rest is boring.
  • PLEASE DON'T emasculate Edward again!!! Melissa what you did to his character in Eclipse was shameful. He took away all of his key scenes and gave him on ly a couple good ones so that you can show off Jacobs abs, giving Jacob all the best joke lines. Bella was not as strong of a character in the book your portrayal of her in the movie just took away from the whole love vibe between the characters. Jaocb is not the star... Edward and Bella are. Jacob in Breaking Dawn spends most of his time complaining, whining and being rude. I suggest you don't play that down. Fans are getting fed up with your partiality to Taylor. Jacob and Bella should have never driven off in front of Edward at that school in Eclipse. It was humiliating to even watch your favorite character eat crow when it wasn't that way in the book. Outside the Tent scene when Bella realized Jacob knows they are engaged... she loses it emotinally but clearly Edward is the hero and runs back to find jacob for her... he doesn't just stand there looking at her as she yells at him. And where was the emotion when she betrayed Edward ... Bella was was no big deal. It was too unbelievable to imagine it would happen that way. no woman after betraying her man would be so calm. Give Rob a break and give him some heroic momments please.. you even changed the ending of Eclipse to act like Bella saved the day and not Edward... helllloooo... Edward didn't need bella's help, she almost ruined it by her 3rd wife stunt. but you of course had to again emasculate Edward and take his momment away. Clearly you have issues that need to be looked by another person who is less partial to Taylor and his abs. No cares about the damn abs. We care about the story being true to the book. What I am saying please don't make this the Taylor show. Edward and Bella are the main characters. We all know Jacob is upset and he imprints on Renesemee but really... you have lost the love connection with Edward and Bella in Eclipse because of your script writing. And I mean that with all due respect because I thought you did a fantastic job with Twilight and New Moon but you totally ruined my favorite book... Eclipse. Sorry. again with all due respect. Key scenes: telling charlie they are getting married, More alice on planning the wedding showing bella the dress, (you robbed alice of her best scenes in Eclipse and many people were pissed off about that too.) Edward and Bella getting married. Jacob Showing up to the wedding and making a scene about bella having sex with Edward. The entire honeymoon should be as it was in the book. We don't you need to make it look real. Fans have been waiting since 2008 for that scene to come alive. Edward speaking to Renesemee for the first time while she was still in moms womb. Edward delivering the baby..key..DONT FOCUS ON JACOB like you said in an interview... I tell you fans will be FURIOUS!!!!!!!! A good point to end the first part would be just as Jacob comes down stairs after he think bella dies..and was going to kill the baby when he then sees her, imprints on her and then he could here Bellas heart beat and boom end of part one. start part 2 with Bellas transformation and maybe include Edward talking to Carlisle about Jacob and Rosalie fighting about the baby.. Bella could be listening while speaking to herself about the fire burning in her and the pain she is suffering and how she doesn't want edward to know she is in pain. You have to bring across her true love for Edward and the deep commitment they have for one another. I want to see her kick Jacobs Behind when she finds out about the imprinting. Or at least tries to. I want to see Edward painted in a great light in this movie as a hero not a sucker like you did in eclipse. Of course in the end bella does save the day as does Alice ...please don't take away from Alice again. You need to keep most of the main vampires who come to stay with the cullens as their witnesses... there are a couple in the book who aren't as pronounced. But all with the special powers must be in it as well as Alistair because he is the one who identifies Bella's gift. My final word is please do not focus on the actors but on their characters. Who cares about Jacobs Abs. Besides in the looks department he doesn't hold a candle to Edward...remember? In Breaking Dawn Bella has put all of her feelings of love for Jacob behind her and has 100% devoted to Edward again. Let's make sure it stays that way please.