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  • still looks like Nicks transvestite father only more photoshop paint job going on
  • Justin is trying to avoid his wedding turning into one of poor old Jen's drunk cackling hag reunions--she must be hideous when she is slamming the vodka and ambien bee-yotch talking with Chelsea and Reese and all the other nasty mean girls of Hollyweird-reese even has a police video showing what a hag she is when she is drunk-so maybe justin knows if he makes her choose between him and the bottle he might just get out of this mess all together-and as desperate as Anustain is for a husband she better just lose the booze and be grateful-after Cake I don't think it will matter anyway-ewwww-and her trying to force him to write her into a Zoolander- "jen and her girl crew"??? you mean the pack of drunk cackling hags don't you
  • is this story to deflect that all her hair fell out and her skin is finally freaked out after all the freakshow skin porrnnn she does to it and she is in menopause -not pregnant
  • get it right now-MeMe put Nick's house on the market because she was having a control freak meltdown about his partying out there-but it is HIS house BEFORE they got married so Nick just took it right back off the market-it's called playing control games in a bad marriage not downsizing-and Nick there is only one way for you to "downsize" and that is to get rid of that huge fat overrated stripper with the shopping addiction you call a wife
  • well since she is not really a celebrity maybe she should quit struggling to get in the spotlight and live a normal life with daddy's cash-she had some face work done cause she never really had a distinctive look but she is really generic now-Marie Claire is hurting for cover talent obviously-this chick just barely got a name for being a spoiled OC brat partying on her daddy's cash and living the self absorbed highlife-and is really just leftovers from the Reality TV frenzy days-over too-and seriously whining about destroying her voice from shouting drunk in clubs??? pathetic
  • the only person that ever said her bags were worth $5 mil was her-in love with herself much??
  • you mean watch how she went from a mediocre TV actress in an ensemble cast to the A-list by digging her claws into Brad and never letting go-she has used his name and Angies to get constant gossip rag coverage-basically riding Brad's coattails even harder after the divorce-to this day she has never made a single movie I can watch she ruins them all she is just that repellant and bad as an actress