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  • great picture of him, I will miss him
  • it is so sad that he left his family behind. I am praying for them and if they read this want them to know that he is in a better place and u did a great job being there for him. he was a great actor and a cute guy. I will miss him. Wish i could of known him the way his family did.
  • she is so pretty. Love her show and she is a great mother. If people dont have nice things to say about her then dont even say it.
  • she is so great. When I was little and when she was in et. Everyone thought I looked just like her. She is a great person and a awesome actress. She makes red heads look beautiful. Wish I could meet her.
  • she is so gorgeous. I really look up to her because she has curves and she pulls it of very nicely. She is a great actress and a singer. Wish I could meet her.
  • that is so stupid. She is not a lesbian you guys need to lay of her. She is a great person upfront. If she was a lesbian I think she would tell her family about it.