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  • [quote=reneelucky7]I can't believe that my wedding is in less than 2 months. I am filled with excitement. There will never be any words that would adequately describe how we both feel right now. This is a day that I dreamed about every since I was a little girl.[/quote]

    what the eff does this have to do with anything...and also, are we supposed to care? we don't know you....? but i suppose congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding...

  • [quote=Joe]"i think kristen is really good actress just in the twilight the others she is not talented" Kristen and the rest of the actors in Twilight sucked major ass. Twilight is one of the most poor acted, poorly directed films ever. The story wasn't worth a sh*t either. And please celebuzz, stop with the stupid ass Kristen/Pattinson garbage gossip. Nobody gives a sh*t about these two except you, or the dumbass who keeps putting up these lame ass articles[/quote] I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!!! ohmygoodness, i dont understand how these people watching the movie can take it seriously. the only believable acting i found in the movie was the actor who played Charlie. and Jackson Rathbone (jasper) but to be fair, Mr. Rathbone is so much better in the other shows i've seen him in.
  • [quote=JNT]What the hell book series did he read? One minute people accuse Edward of being a boring Gary Stu and the next this guy is calling him a deranged serial killer? When in the books, Edward is the most genuine, selfless, loving and gentlemanly character around. He tries to save Bella's soul and her virginity. Yet somehow he's the bad guy?? I wouldn't care about Robert Pattinson's opinion of Edward, except that . . . you know . . . he's playing him in the movie. How can he properly portray a character that he so obviously misunderstands?[/quote]

    when i read the books the impression i got was that edward was a creepy stalker. and he plays with her emotions, and running away from her and coming back. its disgusting how edward treats bella. but on the other hand jacob treats her just as badly, i only read the books for the secondary characters. they are much nicer people.

  • why do they all wear such tight they not want to have children some day??
  • i always thought edward was kind of creepy.
  • [quote=jingo]renelucky you are so stupid it hurts...Miley is a great actress and a real talented singer, not to mention she is really cute looking.[/quote] seriously? i'm pretty sure the line "executive-produced by Miley's mom Tish Cyrus" explains everything about miley starring in this. she is a mediocre talent and is borderline fugly.
  • [quote=anon]Destiny Cyrus (her real name) is very very irritating[/quote] She legally changed her name to Miley Ray
  • [quote=STFU]Stop talkin about your f*ckin fiancee. No one cares.[/quote]

    i totally agreed. she's all over these boards commenting but talking about her f*cking fiancee and her life. its desperation for people to like her and for her to feel better than everyone else.

    its probably all lies

  • [quote=ks84] That is too all he Kristen haters. She is a fantastic actress so get over yourselves already![/quote]

    Why does everyone assume that people who are critical of twilight stars are jealous. Jealousy has nothing to do with. It has to do with actually watching movies and thinking critically about them and not being spoon-fed. Just because she is in a movie doesn't mean she is any good. Just because i do not like her doesn't mean i'm jealous. It just means i actively watch movies and not passively intake them .