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  • I watched her grow from the tiny girl with a cartoon voice to a sexy teen and now as the Sexy Hot Babe she is now. The guy that gets her is VERY, VERY fortunate.
  • Her boobs just want their FREEDOM. I'd like see a lot more of them and her bod before gravity gets a good hold on them.
  • It looks highly likely that Whitney has some finger size bruises on her left thigh... doesn't it. Having a nice hard ride.
  • What a nice example of young women hood. She does have a sexy and delectable body. Yum-yum-yummy... ; )
  • SI has had some of the hottest women on Earth in their publication over the years for us to enjoy. Now they've added another beauty to their pages and o'boy is she a HOT one. REALLY HOT!! Wow SI where did you find Irina? She is such a pretty and sexy babe like most in SI's stable of the finest women around. But I think Irina Shayk is at the least the number one of them all over the past 2 years. Thank You for sending her to our eager eyes.
  • Taylor wins this round hands down today and everyday. Miley is cute but Taylor is sensual.
  • I really can't believe they chose a blue insect over Natalie P. and over all of the "real humans aka alien humans". Someone needs to put away their comics books, turn off cartoons and take a big step back into reality. Wow... a blue tree-bat thing over real people. P.S. Maybe they are on drugs.