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  • She DID have a tummy tuck, and I remember it was donated to her. You can see the scar on the high side of her hip as it faces the camera. I agree the pics like VERY unprofessional and polaroid-ish! Awful! Also, NUDE is NOT covering your breasts and wearing panties people, NUDE is having NOTHING covering or blocking the view so this total deal is a lie and a come-on for her to get "press" (once again!) which she always claims, (looking right into the CAMERA) that she wants nothing to do with! Give me a freakin break and get this woman off my TV and computer screen now and forever! I don't want to hear her name or see her ugly body/face and deformed lips freak show face and talking behavior! Her kids will all be terribly messed up and the public will pay the price as I'm sure we already ARE! Her parenting "skills" are horrendous if you've ever seen her in action, or I should say "inaction". Basically, they all just run wild and climb over each other and bang and beat each other while she mealy mouths in her baby voice over their heads in the general direction. I've seen it several times and am shocked the kids aren't taken away from her. She clearly has no idea what she is doing and the inmates are running the funny farm!