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  • Honey Boo-Boo , My ass ass , How stupid is our world becoming. Since when is it a reality show to be an obnoxious kid , with over weight stupid family members?. If that is ( " ALL " ) it takes to get YOUR own Reality TV show , Well then by all means sign ME UP. I am certain that I can act semi-borderline Idiotic , and find some over weight Family members who wouldn't mind being PAID For being / acting retarded as well as needing more money for our season 2 contracts also. I mean really People , What The F*CK is this world truly coming to , and what F*CKING FOOLS get paid to dream this shit UP. If this is really what TV is becoming in the future , I for one am going to READ more Books... I Got Your HONEY Friggin BOO-BOO assholes.