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  • YOU GO KATIE HOLMES !!! My respect for you has just leaped into the next orbit. You will need to remain diligent and vigilant in the coming years to keep Tom and his cult of wierdos from influencing your daughter -- mark my words, this settlement was too easy and Tom will find a way to push the scientology crap into Suri's life one way or another. He will orchestrate it so that everyone Suri knows starts shunning her including his other children because she is not a scientologist and she is just a child who is going to be incredibly hurt by her father's actions in the coming years. Right now he is playing nice for the publicity -- but this wil get ugly behind closed doors and just know Ms. Holmes that you have many, many fans out here who think you are great for standing your ground (we were shocked and appalled when Nicole Kidman walked away and left her children to that cult of wierdos and are happy that you refused to do the same). My family has not paid any money to see any of Tom Cruise's movies for many years now because I do not want any of the money I work very hard for ending up in the Scientology pocket -- because money is what it is all about for them (that goes for John Travolta, Kirstie ALley and the Elvis estate also -- no money from us). UGH! -- Their medical "practices" killed Jett Travolta and we were all hoping that JT would wake up and smell the coffee after that happend and he did not. Sad.